The Summit People

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The Summit People Train Tunnels

The Summit People


   "In a land of peaks in valleys, the people all come out to play. But in the shadows they watch, for when you go astray. Up on the summit is not the place to be alone and lost. It is then that they will sacrifice, and for all the fun, there is always a cost."

When an epic storm starts like a snowboard trip of a lifetime...all things turn for the worst when an avalanche brings him to an unknown abandoned location up on Donner Summit. Yes, the Donner Party Donner Summit. In his journey back to safety, he will wish he was alone.

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The Mountains are calling and I must go

The people are watching so enjoy the show

The beauty brings warmth

The darkness is cold

This is a place for only the bold


We’re off for adventure searching for peace

Dim the lights of the city don’t be part of the feast


Stay in groups and don’t go a stray

Lost is the devil and they’re coming your way


On the mountain

We live to ride

Until the day we’re caught

and then we die