The Summit People

The Summit People

"In a land of peaks in valleys, the people all come out to play. But in the shadows they watch, for when you go astray. Up on the summit is not the place to be alone and lost. It is then that they will sacrifice, and for all the fun, there is always a cost."

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A young professional is stuck in a job that doesn't bring him any joy or excitement. After hearing about an incoming storm to the Truckee/Tahoe area, he decides to call in sick and make the trip up to the mountains. Following an epic weekend of snowboarding, he decides to extend his trip and search for more action by venturing out of the ski resort runs. An ill-advised decision to go out in the backcountry alone immediately ends in tragedy as he is caught in an avalanche and pulled down the mountain. He wakes up inside an abandoned train tunnel on Donner Summit where he must find his way back to safety avoiding the natural elements and unnatural inhabitants of the mountain. In his journey back to safety, he wishes he was alone.

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