Episode 1 - The Biggest Problem with the Warriors Home Games


Episode 2 - Why Carlos Correa Is Not the Move

Episode 3 - The Year of the Beam Team (Not Yet)

Episode 4 - A Purdy Throw...Jimmy G's Injury Just Won the Niners the Super Bowl


Episode 5 - Goat Debates & Why It's Steph

Episode 6 - Kyle Shannahan Isn't the Offensive Guru We All Give Him Credit For 


Welcome to RecBall, the podcast where amateur/recreational athletes talk about professional sports. We’re here to bring the highlights, fun and intelligence back into sports talk - and we’re so excited to get into some of our favorite topics, like the NBA, MLB, NFL, and more while making sure we don't get bogged down in the hot takes that so often dominate the discussion. We’ll even get into some of our favorite recreational activities, like cornhole and pickleball. 

We'll be talking about all your favorite sports, from the NBA and MLB to the NFL and even cornhole and pickleball. We'll be bringing you the best highlights, the latest news, and the most interesting conversations. We'll also be having some special guests on the show, so you won't want to miss out!

RecBall is a podcast for everyone - from the passionate sports fans to the casual observers and everyone in between. So come join us and stay up to date on the latest and greatest in sports. We look forward to hearing your take on the topics and giving you a platform to talk about what matters to you.

We’re tired of all these so-called experts making outlandish hot takes, so we decided to start RecBall as a place to get real, honest insight into the world of sports that amateur athletes are passionate about. We want RecBall to be a place where we can all come together and talk about the great things that sports can bring to our lives and to the lives of others.

So if you're a fan of sports, or just want to hear some interesting conversations, then make sure to tune into RecBall.