Graphics & Photography

Media ProductionAt Bridge 6 Media, we'll create your next advertisement, flyer, brochure, posters, and more with our professional design skills and knowledge in the advertising side of business.

Send us an email ( to get started with creating your next project today. We have fast concept and design turnaround times, and will create your next business promotional need from scratch or by putting the elements provided together. 

Studio Photography

Our in house studio allows us to produce professional headshots, portfolio images and creative images with multiple backgrounds and light settings. 
Studio Photography & Videography Studio Photography & Videography

Logo Design

Need a logo or redesign? We can help create custom icons for your business that will stand out and be remembered. We can create multiple mock ups to help give you the real world look before going into production.
Logo Design   Logo Design

Event Coverage Photos

Specializing in action sports, music and community event coverage with photos and video. (Sorry, no weddings)
Event Coverage Photography & Videography   Event Coverage Photography & Videography

Real Estate Photography

Making houses look their best providing quality imagery that gives potential buyers the feel needed to purchase their next house. Images include inside and out (see drone photography below).
I am so excited to be taking photos and videos for real estate! It is an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to capture beautiful properties and showcase them in the best possible light.

My goal is to make sure that each property looks its absolute best when photographed or filmed. I take pride in my work and strive to make sure that each image or video is of the highest quality. I use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that each property looks its best.

I am passionate about helping real estate agents and homeowners showcase their properties in the best possible way. I believe that my photos and videos can help to make a property stand out from the competition and attract more potential buyers. I am truly honored to be able to take part in this process and help people find their dream homes.
Capturing images and videos for real estate is something I truly enjoy doing. It’s a great way to help bring the beauty of a home to life and make it look irresistible to potential buyers. I love being able to showcase the unique features of a house, and I especially enjoy creating the perfect visual presentation that’s sure to draw in potential buyers.

I take pride in my work, going the extra mile to ensure that each photo and video taken is of the highest quality and ideally captures the personality of the home. I make sure to pay attention to little details and ensure that all angles of the house are covered. I believe that a combination of both still images and video clips can really make a difference, offering a complete look at the property and all its beauty.

I am passionate about what I do and I am proud to be part of the real estate industry.
What could be better than helping people make their house look its absolute best? With my quality imagery, I'm able to give potential buyers the feeling they need to purchase their next house.

I'm passionate about what I do and take pride in my work. I'm constantly striving to capture the perfect shot and create the best video to help people's houses stand out from the rest. I'm proud to be able to help people make their house look its best and make it easier for them to sell.

Real Estate Photography and Videoography is a great way to help people make their house look its best. I'm proud to be able to help people in this way and provide them with quality imagery that will help them get a great return on their investment.
Real Estate Photography & Video   Real Estate Photography & Video

Product Features

Part of our studio photography, we can provide professional images of your products to post for your website, social media or advertisements. We are flexible and can either have you come into our studio for a photoshoot, or we can travel to your business.  

Drone Photography and Video

Real estate, creative projects, events, landscape and more as a drone gives a new perspective of your houses, facilities, construction site or background photos. We can follow you on your mountain bike of take an overview photo of the next house you're trying to sell. 
Drone Photography & Videography   Drone Photography & Videography

Advertisement & Flyers

We can create flyers, ads and signage for your business in any sizes and design preferences. If its as simple as putting together the images and elements you already have, or if we need to create the full ad from scratch, our variety of skills allows us to be timely and customizable to fit your needs. 
Advertising Design  Advertisement


For the past 3 years we've created the Activity Guides for Truckee-Donner Recreation & Park District. The guides average 42 pages per version with programs and facilities mixed in it. You can download the latest guide here to see it.